Chromecast Review

chrome cast Review by Gam3rdsWhat is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your tv. Basically you can use your mobile and tablets to cast videos to your existing non smart tv.

The Device works perfect with all Andriod ,IOS, windows, and Chromebook platforms.

The Chromecast shipping product description, weight 5.95 lb, 5” W x”5 L , 1.75” H. the cost is only $45 Canadian.

This device is Cheap, easy to set up and amazing to use, one can’t see much to complain about when it comes to this device, its small and when plugged in it hangs from the HDMI port form the back of your Tv. You don’t even see it. Unlike its competition it doesn’t come with onboard applications or remotes everything is done through the use of apps on your existing smart phones and tablets.

It really doesn’t matter what device you use to set it up you are golden, just plug it in to your Tvs HDMI port and power the Chromecast up and follow on screen prompts, the device will walk you through connecting to Wi-Fi network and pairing to your choice of device, you may need have some updates the first time the device is used. Should only take a few minutes to set ups.

You can mirror your Android phone screen or Chrome browser, simply anything on your phone or tables can be shown on your TV, and you can cast any website from Chrome browser on your laptop right to your tv. Basically if its online it can be projected to your tv.

I highly recommend this device for any smart phone, tablet, and computer owner that wants an easy and affordable way to cast Youtube videos, Shomi, Netflix movies and music bought from play store to their TV.